What do all those initials stand for?

LPC stands for Licensed Professional Counselor.

MHSP is a part of that licensing and it stands for Mental Health Service Provider. This means that I have gone through the rigorous licensing procedures and education in the states of Tennessee and South Carolina. In addiction, the MHSP portion means that I can diagnose you for insurance reimbursement purposes.

CSAT stands for Certified Sex Addiction Therapist. This means I have undergone the rigorous training (160 hours of class work, at least 30 hours of supervision and 5 years of experience) to help people and their families deal with the ravages of sex addiction.

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. This is a specialized certification for a process that helps people heal from traumas and find resilience in dealing with everyday life.

RRT stands for Rapid Resolution Therapy. This is specialized training that involves hypnotherapy and specific counseling skills to help you heal from your traumas.

CDWF stands for Certified Daring Way Facilitator. Briefly, this means that I have had extensive training (to the point of training other professionals) to help people heal from shame and gain shame resilience. Daring Way is based on a book authored by Brene’ Brown.

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